verbano-logo150x84Since 1953, the Verbano brand is present among a public who enjoys and treasures the pleasure of a perfect table setting for themselves and their family, as a synonym of distinction, quality and excellent taste in porcelain ware.

Verbano is the name used by the ancient Romans to identify what is known today as Lake Maggiore, in the North of Italy. It was precisely in that area that a porcelain factory was founded in the 19th century, and its name, Verbano, was transferred to Argentina.

In 1995, the Faiart group from Portugal acquired the factory and the brand from the former Porcelanas Verbano company and incorporated the latest technology as an added value to a product with a long tradition of excellence. Today, as a result of VERBANO’s exclusive finishing method, where enamel is treated at 1250 oC, VERBANO porcelain is the only product totally resistant to dishwasher wear.

VERBANO’s porcelain are also microwave, oven and freezer safe. Faiart Argentina is the only factory in America with isostatic press and automatic enamel units for dishes; these combined processes result in an unbeaten product with homogeneous size, and an incredibly smooth and shining glaze.Verbano dinnerware sets not only have the standard components but also a complete series of additional items such as sweetener holders, salt and pepper sets, vinegar and oil flasks, flower vases, oven plates, and different sizes of serving plates.




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